It is very probable we do not know each other.
Thank you for looking at my works and also reading this.
I paint pictures because this is a burning need in my life.
My name is Yuco which means "sharp" in Mapuche language. It is also a place far from everthing in the world, even from me.
You will notice this name is very indigenous to this area.
Ernesto Sábato once said that the Argentina is in the Periphery of the World and of the Modes.
I identify with this idea; I am a " Artist in the Periphery "
I am lucky because I know many places in the world.
I live in Buenos Aires but i have felt at home in every country I have been in.
This happened to me due to the People I met in those countries where I was.
There was a Cultural gap which separated those People from me but we were brought together by Emotions.